JUSTINMIND Enterprise License

1. System Requirements

Minimum System requirements :

  • 1GHz processor or higher ·

  • 512 MB of system memory (1GB recommended)

  • 200 MB of available space

Port/Proxy :

  • can be specified in the Settings of Justinmind Server URL

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v8+ ·

  • Google Chrome v2+ ·

  • Mozilla Firefox v2+ ·

  • Apple Safari v3+

  • Microsoft Office v2007+ ·

  • Oracle OpenOffice v2+

2. Installation

To download Justinmind :

  1. Go to Justinmind’s Homepage . Click the “Download Free” button.
    You will be taken to a Sign Up form. Enter the email address and password you want to associate with your Justinmind account.
    Then, click “Get Started”.

  2. Click the “Download and install” button to download Justinmind and install it on your computer.

  3. You will be taken to the page where you can download Justinmind.
    Click the “Justinmind_Prototyper” download once downloading is complete.

  4. Follow the instructions to install Justinmind on your computer.

    Once installation is complete, a dialog will appear and you will be prompted to sign in.

    Enter the details you used to create your account (above), and click “Sign in” to be taken to the Justinmind editor.


    1. Click Settings for Setup Justinmind Server URL


  5. Or Sign in your Justinmind account and then Click “Download & Install“ button. Then Follow up the Step.

Note: if the sign in dialog doesn’t appear automatically, open Justinmind from the shortcut that appears on your desktop (for Windows) or from the Applications folder (for Mac).

3. Licensing


Open email form Justinmind for register.

  1. “Sign in” you will have access to all the collaboration services and the account settings.

  2. Setting Menu, edit Profile and Branding Logo.

  3. Setup Justinmind Server URL

  4. Assign prototyping users to your account and create groups of users. To do so, go to the Users tab of your online account.

You can use manual activation to activate products when your computer doesn't have an internet connection or your internet connection does not allow SOAP requests. You'll need access to another computer with an internet connection.

3.2 Offline Activation

To activate manually:

  1. On the computer with no internet access, open Justinmind and try to sign in.
    You'll see an error message that there's no Internet connection, and it'll ask you to try activating via web browser.

  2. Click that option and it will launch a browser - though it won't load because of no Internet connection.

  3. Copy the URL that it tries to load and paste it into the browser of a computer with an Internet connection. This will download a license file in .vp format.

  4. Transfer that file over to the offline computer and open it on the offline computer. You should then be able to use Justinmind offline.

  5. However, if you are trying to use the Enterprise version offline, and you don't have any Internet connection to access your Justinmind online account, you will not be able to use any collaboration features - unless you are using an Enterprise onsite server.

4. Managing Licenses-User

4.1 Add New Users

Account owner, can assign prototyping users to your account and create groups of users.

  1. Account owner Sign in and then go to User Management and Groups.

  2. User Management can list new users and view all the prototyping users who have access to Justinmind via your account.

  3. Creating a new user , click the “Create a new user” button. You will need to enter an email address, a first name and last name. Click “Create user” to apply changes.

4. When creating the user, you can add them to a group if you already have one created. To do so, select a user group from the “Select a group” drop-down.

When you create a new user, they will receive an activation email.

Once they click on the user activation link in the email, they will able to start prototyping with Justinmind.

As Account owner, you will find a card with an overview of each user profile in the User Management sub-tab. From the Actions drop-down in the bottom right-hand corner of each card, you can modify the user’s permissions or remove them from your account.

4.2 Add New Groups and User to Groups

  • Create New Group
    1. In the Groups sub-tab, you can see and create user groups.

To create a new group, click the “New group” button. In the dialog that appears, give the group a name and click “Create group”.

2. In the bottom right-hand corner of each group card, there is an Actions drop-down. Here, you can perform the following operations:

1 View – by default, the group will be empty. Click “View” to add users to the group, then “Add users to this group” and check the radio buttons next to the names of the users you want to add to this group
2 Edit – click “Edit” to modify the name of this group
3 Delete – click “Delete” to delete this group

  • Adding a user to a group:
    1. In the Groups sub-tab, go to the card of the group you wish to add a user to. In the bottom right-hand corner, select “View” from the Actions drop-down.
    2. In the next screen, click the “Add users to this group” button.
    3. In the dialog that appears, select the users that you wish to add to this group. Click “Add” to apply changes.

Back in the screen, you’ll find the cards of the users you have added to this group.

  • Bulk importing users from a .csv file, If you would like to add multiple users to your account, you can import them from a .csv file to save time.
    Before you get started To add users to your account, you’ll need:
    - The names and email addresses of the users who you want to add to your account
    - A blank sheet in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, saved as a comma separated value (.CSV) file
    Importing user details from a .csv file
    To prepare your file for importing, follow these steps:
    1 Open your blank worksheet in your spreadsheet program.  The first row should read as follows “Email”, “Name” (and “Last name” and “Password” if desired, though not obligatory). Learn more about password protecting a prototype here.

2 Add your contacts’ details into the relevant fields in the spreadsheet. Save/download the file in .csv format.

3 Go to the User Management sub-tab and click the “Import users from CSV” link
Click the “Select file” button, choose your .csv file containing the user contact details and click the “Import users” button.

4 Your new users should appear in the tab.

4.3 Remove User Form Group

If you want to remove a user from a group, go to the Actions drop-down in the right-hand corner of that user’s card within the Groups sub-tab and select “Remove from group”.

4.4 Install and use Justinmind on a maximum

Each user can install and use Justinmind on a maximum of two computers at one time. If you want to use it on a third computer, you need to sign out from one of the two computers you’re already logged into.
If you’re still unable to access Justinmind after logging out and in again, please contact us.

4.5 Connection error message

If you’re working under a proxy connection, it might be blocking the internet connection. If this is the case, you should configure the proxy settings in the Settings link at the bottom of the Sign in dialog.

Otherwise, you can try to activate the product via browser, by clicking on the corresponding link in the pop up.

5. Managing Licenses -Admin&Owner

5.1 Transfer ownership from one account to another

  1. Activate the account by clicking on the activation link that was sent to your email address (if you haven’t done so yet).

  2. Log in to your online account.

  3. For multi-user accounts, add the new user to your account. Note: for single accounts see ‘How can I switch over to another email?’

  4. Go to the Account sub-tab and click on the “Transfer account” link and select the new Account owner from the Actions drop-down list of users.

  5. Click on the “Transfer ownership” button to confirm transfer or owner permissions.

5.2 Delete the user from the Company account

The account owner can delete the user from the account.

  1. To do this, you first need to sign out of Justinmind on the user’s computers, and then select “Remove from account” from the Actions drop-down menu in to the user’s card.

  2. In Justinmind version 7.7 and older, you need to unregister the key registered in Justinmind by clicking on “Help” menu and “Unregister key”.


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